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Posted by Robin Spangenberg on 6/4/2017

The longer you live in your home, generally the more repairs you’ll have to perform. Live in your home for 10 or more years and you could easily spend $2,000 a year on maintenance and repairs. That and the fact that your family dynamic has grown or shrunk significantly have inspired you to move. But, there’s this big catch.

Stop robbing yourself of the chance to move on

You keep pumping the brakes just as you near closing. This house that is costing you upwards of $2,000 a year has become your baby. You complain to friends about the leaks, worn roof and old kitchen cabinets. Yet, you also complain about every potential buyer who attends an open house or staging event at the very house that you put up for sale.

Make it easier on yourself and potential buyers. Set aside one to two days to discuss how you feel about your house, selling your house and moving into a new home.Talk it over with a family member or a friend. Think about the advantages of buying a new house. For example, buying a new house could lower your home repair costs. It could also shorten your commute to work or reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

After you are certain that you’re ready to move forward with the sale of your house, steer clear of clogging the house sale process by:

  • Talking with people who attend open houses that your real estate agent organizes without interviewing the potential home buyers
  • Removing family photos and personal decorative items out of staging rooms
  • Staying away from contradicting your real estate agent when she answers a potential home buyer’s question
  • Leaving your home during a home staging or open house
  • Spending personal money on furniture and other home staging products

If you’reselling your house through a real estate agent, ask the agent if there’s anything that she needs your help with regarding staging your home. Costs of staging your home might be included in your real estate agent’s fee.

Should you still find it difficult to step aside and let your agent interact with potential buyers, discuss your concerns with your real estate agent. She may have had similar experiences with previous home sellers and might be able to offer tips on how you can better transition through the home sale process.

Another action that you can take is to focus more on shopping for your new house. This way, you won’t feel as if you’re losing by letting go of your home. Visit neighborhoods that you’re interested in moving to. Check out videos of new houses online. Start talking to people who live in communities you want to become a part of.

If you’ve lived in your house for several years, it may be challenging at first. But, you can adjust to leaving your current home and moving into a new house. To enjoy a successful home sale, accept the idea that other people are going to live in your house, making it their home. You’ll do the same as well when you move into a new house that matches your family’s needs.

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